Replicas from Zombie Dead

Get ready for the zombie apocalypse! With the stylish Zombie Dead weapons, the zombies have no chance against you. Anyone can choose from our range of black-green weapons, if you prefer knives, axes, machetes or a flaming sword. With the hard and sharp blade of the Zombie Dead replicas you arrive at the persistent zombies.

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Replicas from Zombie Dead

Although the chance of the torrent of murder zombies is quite small, it is good to be prepared for this case. From the movies and series, the firearm is the best choice, but it does not help if you do not have a basement filled with projectiles. Pocket Knives, Throwing Knives, Karambit Knives, Axes and Machetes can save your life! Give the zombies no chance, get the gun with the brand Zombie Dead. Since today you can be prepared for these monsters. Buy the Zombie Dead weapon and experience this confident sense of security!

Important Note: These decorative replicas are designed as collectibles. These are not weapons for practical use.