Peasant‘s shoes

Are you looking for some suitable historical shoes to walk over the medieval world? So you should try to put on our beautiful medieval peasant’s shoes and opanci! The medieval shoes are made from quality leather, by Czech or foreign producers. You can select the choice of custom tailoring to shoes will fit you well. Enjoy a journey into the past in our special historical shoes! Let’s go back in time with the assistance of our special historical shoes!

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Peasant‘s shoes

Medieval peasant’s shoes and Opanci are primitive low leather shoes, which are laced around the ankles and calves. They were worn by Slavonic peoples in highlands in the past. Common peasant was moving on the fields and in the mountains day and night. Medieval peasant’s shoes were so popular that they were worn until World War I. They are part of the traditional Slavic folk costumes today.

Medieval peasant’s shoes were worn not only in Central Europe; similar shoes were made also in different localities of the world. Also American Indians, Asians or Inuit wore these shoes.

Today medieval peasant’s shoes are made primarily from cowhides. Pigskin, calfskin or goatskin was used in the past. It is necessary to wear footwraps or woollen socks into medieval peasant’s shoes in cold weather.

Every fan of history can choose the right medieval peasant’s shoes and Opanci. Of course, take a look at our other historical shoes or even historical costumes