Torino Rapier

Based on models of 17th century swept-hilt rapiers of Italian ancestry, the Hanwei Torino Rapier exhibits the classic straight cross guard styling popular in this part of Europe. The rapier features classical lines, with a high-carbon steel flex-tempered blade, a stainless steel hilt (for reduced maintenance) with "blade catcher" quillons and a twisted-wire grip.  More information...

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Torino Rapier 

The hilt is of the same size as the original, providing an authentic feel in the user's hand and weight and balance also match originals. The blade is interchangeable with the blunt practical blade (OH2255) which is designed for safety in rapier sparring. The matching Main Gauche (SH2207) may also be equipped with a sparring blade (OH2256). 

  • Overall: approx. 114.90cm 
  • Blade Length: approx. 93cm 
  • Weight: approx. 1.05 kg 
  • Point of Balance: approx. 12.7cm 
  • Point of Harmonics: approx. 71.12cm 
  • Width at Guard: approx. 1.90cm 
  • Width at Tip: approx. 1.02cm 
  • Thickness at Guard: approx. 0.64cm 
  • Thickness at Tip: approx. 0.25cm 

Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece. 

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