Brandenburg Rapier, 17th Century

This stunning 17th century rapier has an expertly crafted swept & twisted metal basket. The heavily carved horn grip mimics the elegantly twisted metal of the hilt and is hand wound and inset with a single steel accent wire that provides an excellent grip while dueling. Better yet was the aristocratic, dashing look it gave the wearer while rakishly hanging from the belt. More information...

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Brandenburg Rapier, 17th Century

Please note: This is just an ornamental item, not intended for real use!

Hand forged, high carbon steel blade with flattened oval cross section. Extended, custom engraved ricasso for strength.

  • Includes leather scabbard with twisted metal accents completing this magnificent and fast rapier.
  • Blade made of 1065 High Carbon Steel
  • Total length approx. 1115mm
  • Blade length approx. 960mm
  • Blade length approx. 880mm
  • Length of the horn part at the handle approx. 82mm
  • Total handle length approx. 103mm
  • The basket dimensions are approx. 175 x 180 x 135mm
  • Length of ricasso with decorative etching about 78mm
  • The basket consists of a twisted square steel of approx. 6mm
  • Cross-section of the ricasso approx. 4.85 x 24.1mm
  • Thickness of the cutting edge approx. 1mm
  • Cross section of the blade 10cm off the blade point about 15.5 x 4.2mm
  • The POB is about 13cm off the cross-guard (about 5cm off the ricasso end)
  • Weight of the rapier approx. 1082 g
  • Weight of the scabbard about 216 g

Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®

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