Replacement Blade for Rapiers by Paul Chen

The blunted practical rapier sparring blade is designed for safety in rapier sparring. This version is delievred including rubber tip. More information...

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Replacement Blade for Rapiers by Paul Chen

This replacement blade can be fitted to the following Hanwei rapiers:

  1. Torino Rapier
  2. Solingen Rapier
  3. Gustav Rapier

This gives the user a wide choice of swept hilt styles for use with both live (=sharp) and practical (=blunt) blades.

  • Material: high carbon steel 1566
  • Overall length (incl. tang): approx. 113cm
  • Blade length: approx. 94cm
  • Cross section of the blade max. approx. 19,23 x 5,85mm
  • Weight: approx. 369 g

Specs may slightly vary from piece to piece.

Premium Quality, made by Hanwei.

What steps need to be made for exchanging the blade?

Unscrew the pommel, remove the handle, remove the cross-guard (basket) and then screw everything together again in reverse order with the new blade. Screw the pommel tight by hand. So that it does not slip in the hand, you can a piece of soft leather or cloth. The exchange is very easy. Everything will be clear when you see the blade with your own eyes.

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