Fencing rapier with diamond-section-blade Cosimo

Traditional Fencing in the Renaissance style is becoming increasingly popular, due to the speed of light blades and the excitement of the fencing duells. These Hanwei version of a fencing rapier has the so-called diamond blade, a thick blade with a diamond-shaped cross-section based on the German Mensur-weapon. More information...

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Fencing rapier with diamond-section-blade Cosimo

  • Diamond-shaped blade section
  • Designed for practical renaissance fencing
  • Very resistant
  • Weight approx. 750 g
  • Total length approx.  1047mm
  • Blade length up to the basket approx. 854mm
  • Blade length to the cross-guard approx. 913mm
  • Length of the cross-guard approx. 254mm
  • Length of the blade socket (part of the hilt) approx. 50mm
  • The blade at the basket is about 5.5mm thick and about 16.2mm wide
  • The blade 10cm from the tip is about 9.73mm wide and 3.6mm thick
  • The blade has a lenticular profile, its striking edge is about 1.6mm thick
  • The pommel has a diameter of about 28.6mm and is about 46.7mm long
  • The basket consists of approx. 5.6mm thick wire. The reinforced points with double rings are about 11.66mm thick
  • The center of gravity (POB) lies about 55mm from the basket / about 110mm off the parry
  • The leather handle has a profile of about 23 * 18.5mm and is about 70mm long

A premium quality product by Paul Chen 

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