Padded sleeveless gambeson

This is a typical defence gambeson from the 13th and 14th century. Is can be worn over a chainmail or other Gambesons. It has a quite deep slit for your good freedom of movement. More information...

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Padded sleeveless gambeson

  • Made of cotton cloth (100% cotton).
  • Natural linen colour
  • Cloth thickness ca.: 1.1cm

Made by Marshal Historical

  • Both the outer cloth, the lining and inner padding is made of 100% cotton.

Size S/M

Size L/XL

Chest circumference 114cm 114cm
Waist circumference 112cm 114cm
Total length from the shoulder seam at the neck 112cm 115cm
Length of the padded part from the shoulder seam 68cm 71cm

How to wash the Gambeson

You can wash the gambeson in a washing machine in cold water to avoid possible change of its size. The resistant stains (e.g. oil) won't disappear but the gambeson gets clean and nice-smelling anyway.

You can also wash it by hand in cold water with a more sensitive care. By this method you can use a soft brush for possible resistant stains.

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