Brigantine with steel plates and short sleeves

Brigantine with steel plates and short sleeves
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This Brigantine is available in black and brown. Made from 100% cotton. Organic cotton is much more breathable than synthetic materials. The short sleeve also means better air permeability of this outfit. The metal segments incorporated between the cotton layers are fixed by rivets. The Brigantine is lined with cotton inside. More information...

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Size: S/M, Colour: brown
7 pcs
7 pcs
Size: L/XL, Colour: brown
5 pcs
5 pcs
Size: 2XL/3XL, Colour: brown
7 pcs
7 pcs
Size: S/M, Colour: black
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Size: L/XL, Colour: black
4 pcs
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Size: 2XL/3XL, Colour: black
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2 pcs

Brigantine with steel plates and short sleeves

  • In the Brigantine are incorporated steel segments with 1.2mm thickness and dimensions of approx. 127 x 83mm
  • Time determination: 14th and 15th century
  • Side closure with 3 pairs of straps and buckles

This medieval brigantine was made after the brigantine depicted on the statue of the sleeping guard from the reliquary of the Wienhausen monastery (around 1270), which can be seen today in the Landesmuseum Hannover.

There are firmly riveted steel plates between two well-made layers of strong cotton fabric. The brigantine is available in three sizes. The size chart provided by the manufacturer can be seen in one of the photos.

In contrast to the brigantine on the statue, this brigantine has additional reinforcements around the shoulders and on the upper arm. This increases the protection of the warrior and the usefulness of this equipment for reenactment, LARP, etc. This brigantine can also be worn as additional protection over chain armour.

Brigantines were made of cloth or leather. Known are versions with and without sleeves. The inner metal plates are riveted in the Brigantine. In this way, the protection offered by the plate armor could almost be achieved, but at a much lower cost. Thus, brigantines were an ideal choice for ordinary mercenaries and poor lords of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Brigantine can be worn over an arming jack or chainmail. Wealthy gentlemen have brigantes made of complex designs, because the advantage of the brigantine over the armor was its better flexibility - that is, better freedom of movement for the fighter.

Size S/M L/XL 2XL/3XL
Shoulder width 52cm 53cm 56cm
Length from the shoulder to the lower edge 97cm 99cm 102cm

Size S/M

  • Total length from the shoulder seam approx. 93cm
  • Length of the slit 21cm
  • Cest width 61cm
  • Length of the sleeve measured along the upper edge approx. 28cm
  • The inner metal plates measure approx. 12 x 8cm
  • On each side three leather straps with buckle
  • Strap width approx. 15.8mm
  • Material thickness of the leather approx. 2.7mm
  • Size of the brass buckle approx. 42.9 x 28.5mm
  • Weight approx. 4550 g

Size L/XL

  • Total length approx. 94cm
  • Length from the shoulder seam to the bottom approx. 22cm
  • Chest width about 64cm
  • Length of the sleeve along the top edge 30cm
  • Weight approx. 4420 g

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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