Nasal Helmet Ibelin

The conical shape of the classic Ibelin helmet has been one of the basic helmet shapes for centuries. The main advantage of these helmets is that they simply divert the blows coming from above. The nasal, which gives the helmet its name, protects the nose from blows without significantly restricting the fighter's vision. The inside of the helmet is lined with a layer of durable leather or fabric that can withstand the wear of a chain mail coif. This lining layer prevents unpleasant noises that would otherwise arise when the metal coif comes into contact with the metal bowl of the helmet. This is a very popular helmet model used for re-enactment or LARP and cosplay. More information...

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Nasal Helmet Ibelin

  • Made of mild steel 1,5mm thick (16 gauge)
  • hand forged buckle on the chin strap
  • Please measure your head circumference horizontally at forehead level with the chainmail coif or cloth cape you will be wearing before putting on the helmet

Please measure your head circumference over the forehead. To prevent the helmet to be too tight, the inner circumference of the helmet bowl is approx. 1 inch (3cm) larger. For that reason, please give us an exact data without adding any space. If you are wearing a quilted arming cap or a chain mail coif under the helmet, please take the measure including this outfit on.

The standard sizes correspond with the following head circumferences:

  • S - 56cm | 22.05"
  • M - 58cm | 22.83"
  • L - 60cm | 23.62"
  • XL - 62cm | 24.41"
  • XXL - 64cm | 25.2"

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