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English War Hammer


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English War Hammer

  • Total length approx. 632 mm
  • Shaft length up to steel head approx. 610 mm
  • Total length of the shaft approx. 635 mm
  • The handle is a leather-wrapped prism with a profile of approx. 23 * 32 mm
  • The shaft has a profile of approx. 30.1 * 20.6 mm
  • To securely attach the hammer head to the handle, the handle is reinforced with two iron bars approx. 259 mm long
  • The hammer head is approx. 160 mm long
  • The flat end of the hammer has a profile of approximately 21.05 * 21, 37 mm
  • Where the beak is decorative notched, there it has a profile of approx. 17.43 * 13.8 mm
  • The profile of the iron end piece at the shaft end measures approximately 26.3 * 33 mm
  • The pommel at the shaft end has a diameter of approx. 19.9 mm
  • The leather-wrapped part of the shaft is approx. 233 mm long, of which approx. 169 mm the leather is black
  • POB approx. 210 mm from the hammer head
  • Weight approx. 742 g
  • Battle-ready war hammer !

Included in these categories: War and battle hammers

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    Martin Horáček

    Kladivo došlo zabalené pěkně, bezpečně. Celkový vzhled vypadá dobře. Bohužel není provedeno bezchybně, problémy s látkou na rukojeti se dají vyřešit výměnou látky, kterou preferujete. Násada kladiva je nasazená nakřivo, zobák je vytočený více na jednu stranu, mezi dřevem a kovovými pláty jsou škvíry. Doporučuji kladivo pro výstavu na zeď. Všechny problémy dokážete opravit i sami. Za cenu je to dobrý kousek.

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  • 1

    No Battlecry-series mace or warhammer?

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