Gunstock War Club

Instead of using traditional hardwoods, Cold Steel chose to make this War Club from injection-molded high impact polypropylene.This material is highly resistant to shock and is practically unbreakable, making it particularly suitable for use in impactweaponry. As an added bonus, this material is highly resistant to the elements and will not warp, rot, crack or splinter like woodenversions. For those interested in re-enacting periods of the American frontier history, the War Club features a very realistic wood graintexturing, which can be painted to replicate a wooden finish. More information...

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Item number: 11278

Gunstock War Club

  • Material: high impact polypropylene
  • Overall length: approx. 74.9cm
  • Steel spike length: approx. 7.6cm
  • Thickness: approx. 3.8cm
  • Weight: approx. 1004 g
  • Including leather sheath for the spike
  • Cold Steel Product No.: 92PGS

Cold Steel is proud to introduce a modern interpretation of this iconic, culturally significant and wholly American implement of war. In the early 16th century, American Indians observed the devastating potential of a rifle stock as a bludgeoning weapon, and theywasted no time in fashioning their own war clubs based upon its basic shape. Made of straight grain hard woods like hornbeam,maple, ash, hickory or oak, they hit with remarkable force and proved to be extremely potent tools, especially when enhanced bythe addition of a short point or even knife blades.

In fact, the Gunstock War Club became so popular that it soon migrated as far as the Pacific coast, where it endured clear intothe 1880's. It remains an iconic ceremonial item to this very day. Custom designed by bladesmith Rich McDonald, Cold Steel?s version of this fascinating tool incorporates all the best features fromhistorical examples, including the ridged center line, the sharp point and the classic Fawn's Foot handle.

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