German War Hammer


This beautiful, impressive weapon was made after an exhibit in the Germanic National Museum in Nuremberg. War Hammers like this were powerful weapons that could do serious damage and cut through armor or divide a skull.  It features a 130mm long high carbon steel head secured to the hardwood shaft with steel langets. The grip is finished with brass tracks for a secure grip. It is a nicely crafted historically authentic replica - a great addition to any private collector´s armoury. More information...

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German War Hammer

  • Total length approx. 545mm
  • Length from the head to the end of the langets approx. 310mm
  • Material thickness of the langets approx. 1.5mm
  • The metal part is fastened with 7 through brass pins to the shaft.
  • Length of the steel hammer head approx. 130mm
  • Length of the front punch beak approx. 62mm
  • Length of the rear hammer approx. 38mm
  • Cross section of the steel prism (between the hammer beak and rear hammer) approx. 29.3 x 31.4mm
  • Cross section of the hardwood shaft approx. 32 x 26mm
  • The handle is for a secure and non-slip grip from two sides studded with 5 brass pins.
  • The balance (POB) is approx. 13cm from the steel head
  • Weight approx. 974 g
  • made of high-carbon steel
  • Battle-ready, for real use, though at your own risk!
1-Jun 2022
verified review
Koupil jsem před pár lety a můžu říct že mě nezklamalo a do teď slouží bez jediné vady, velice lehké, pěkně a dobře sedí v ruce. Kvalitní a tvrdé dřevo.

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