Roman Sword Baldric for Gladius

A Classis helm, the gorgeous Roman Tunic, an ornate Balteus, with this handmade, brown leather baldric fastened obliquely on your armour, holding your powerful Gladius; a classic, invincible, true Roman soldier one shall ever behold. More information...

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2 pcs

Roman Sword Baldric for Gladius

What makes this leather baldric extra special and unique is that it’s HANDMADE from GENUINE BUFF LEATHER (3-3.3mm thick). For the colour to blend robustly in leather, it has been drum dyed, adding to its gorgeous matte finish. The solid brass buckle and studs embellish the baldric. Its total length is approx. 192cm. NOTE: Since this is authentic buff leather, make sure to keep it away from moisture; clean it regularly with linen (or any soft cloth); if the stain pertains, damp cloth and some lather out of mild soap will do the needful.

  • Available in colours Black and Brown
  • Weight 192 g
  • Length 192cm
  • Width 23.57mm
  • Leather thickness 3mm
  • No sword Gladius included

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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