Spiked mace, Mace with pyramidal spikes, 12th-14th c.

This medieval mace has a striking head with four long square spikes between eight shorter, triangular spikes. The spiked head is firmly mounted on the hardwood shaft and secured with a metal pin to prevent it from slipping off the shaft. The shape of the pyramid spikes became popular due to their destructive impact regardless of the angle of impact. Although the mace is fairly easy to use, its striking head is heavy enough to deliver devastating blows whenever it hits the enemy. More information...

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Spiked mace, Mace with pyramidal spikes, 12th-14th c.

  • Total length 62.5cm
  • Steel head length 7.5cm
  • Shaft diameter 29mm
  • Weight 692 grams
  • Material: mango wood and EN45 carbon steel
  • Use: battle-ready

Note: This mace is not indestructible either. It is designed for hitting the enemy and their gear, not solid or hard materials such as concrete, rocks, wooden poles/planks, etc. Hitting such materials is improper use that can result in damage to the mace.

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