Two-handed mace In Extremo


This is a solid and battle ready two-hand-mace that you can take to a live steel combat arena. Its shaft is made of steel rod (not a hollow tube). Its blades are made of thick oil-quenched spring steel. It is simply a heavy-duty and very heavy mace for real and strong warriors that will hold up even in brutal combats. More information...

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Two-handed mace In Extremo

  • Total length 1073mm
  • Haft length incl. the lower pommel approx. 840mm
  • The blades are made of oil-quenched spring steel
  • The blades are approx. 200mm long and approx. 78mm wide and approx. 8.6mm thick
  • The haft is a steel rod (not a hollow tube) with a diameter of about 30mm
  • The twisted-wire-wrapped handle has a diameter of about 33.2mm
  • The point at the mace-head is about 30mm wide and about 20mm long
  • The hexagonal pommel at the end of the point has a diameter of approx. 47/49.5mm
  • The handle is decorated with 14 rivets with a round head of about 9mm diameter
  • In each of the six blades is drilled a shamrock symbol. The inner diameter of the holes is about 7mm
  • Blades have sharp edges and are made of oil-quenched spring steel
  • Weight about 9900 g
  • The POB is about 170mm from the head and 670mm from the haft end
18-Feb 2023
Chris Mass
verified review
Excellent piece of crafting, just amazing!! Although it is decorative, it is not just decoration, this thing is more than real! As said by Sam below [7144], you really need strength and practice to handle this... so do not ruin your interior! Fun fact: The box had a label saying 'fragile'... it rather should have said: 'Caution: Everything else is fragile to what's in this box'.
26-Feb 2021
Sam Vest
verified review
Are you kidding me? This mace is utterly insane and I absolutely adore it! I wanted an actual powerful weapon, not some flimsy display piece and that's exactly what the Two-Handed Mace In Extremo is. I'm absolutely blown away by its brutal appearance and WEIGHT. You have be incredibly strong to wield this, like actually be a heavy weight lifter. I can barely swing it and I'm 6'2" 200 lbs. I'm excited to use this mace for weight training and even more excited to wield it in my plate armor. Lightning speed delivery to California in the USA. Two thumbs way up!
10-Feb 2021
Moses Tanurajaya
verified review
Amazing Mace, the weight is immense, i split rock accidentally when i swing this beast!

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