German flanged mace, 16th century

This sturdy gothic mace is made of solid steel and has a hollow handle that is strong enough but does not make the mace too heavy to keep me well. The handle is wrapped in a solid suede leather. The wrist loop at the handle is made of the same material. The profile of the flanges (lamellae) is after the original mace wedge-shaped. Such flanges are heavier than flat ones and their edges have a high penetrating power. Unlike axes or hammers, it is not necessary to pay attention to the direction of the striking edge. The flanges are placed all around and it does not matter which of the flanges falls on the target. Exactly that is the advantage of a mace - in a confusing war melee there is not much time and space, so the use of such a mace is optimal. More information...

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German flanged mace, 16th century

  • Total length approx. 598mm
  • Handle length approx. 205mm
  • Diameter of striking head approx. 83.7mm
  • Length of striking flanges approx. 99.2mm
  • Diameter of the hollow handle about 22mm
  • Diameter of the expanded handle at the striking head approx. 26mm
  • Diameter of the leather-wrapped handle approx. 24.4mm
  • Handle wrapped with suede approx. 1.05mm thick
  • Weight approx. 1533 g

Important Note: Although this is a sturdy mace, it is not indestructible! This mace was developed against targets made of softer or thinner materials than its flanges. If you beat with the mace against concrete, rocks, hardwood or similar, the flanges or the shaft can be bent. Such handling is unreasonable and unacceptable to a true history fan. This is also not covered by the warranty.

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