Sword Charles V with optional sheath

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Sword Charles V with optional sheath

Please note: This is just an ornamental item, not intended for real use!

  • Blade made of 440 stainless steel quenched and tempered to 47-51 HRC
  • Total length about 1024mm
  • Blade length approx. 813mm
  • Cross section of the blade at the guard approx. 37.9 x 3.5mm
  • Blunt cutting edge - approx. 1.35mm thick
  • Weight of the sword about 1087 g
  • Weight of the vagina about 399 g

All dimensions are approximate and may vary slightly from piece to piece.

Top branded quality, made by Art Gladius®. Made in Toledo (Spain), in the city with centuries-long traditional of blacksmithing, sword-making and other ancient crafts.


Two-hands sword used by Charles V (Carolus Divus). Under his kingdom he agglutinated a vast empire that comprised, Spain, Naples, Sicily, Flanders, Austria and America. Yes, incl. America. The Territories belonging to the Charles The V empire included some South America countries, Central America and some southern areas of North America.

Charles V and his son, Philip II full suit of armours and swords are true masterpieces manufactured by the swords craftsmen of that time when Toledo were the white arms cradle.

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