French cuirassier helmet

The cuirassiers were considered a symbol of French cavalry in the time of the Empire. This is a helmet of a French cuirassier of the army of Napoleon I. La Grande Armee had 12 cuirassier regiments (360-400 troops each); three more were raised by 1812. The number of regiments dropped back to twelve in 1813. More information...

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French cuirassier helmet (1809 - 1812)

  • The peak and the hem of the helmet bowl are made of cow fur with approx. 3cm long hair.
  • The plume is made of horsehair
  • The thin rod on the side of bowl is decorated with colored goose feathers.
  • The chin strap is covered with brass scales, its ends are decorated with brass discs with star reliefs.
  • The crest socket on the helmet is hand-hammered from brass. All joints are riveted.
  • The helmet bowl is hand-hammered from 1.5mm thick steel plate (not stainless)
  • The total weight approximately 3 kg
  • Standard version of this helmet comes with a padded liner inside.
  • Made in the Czech Republic

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