Barbarian Helm Crag Hack

This helmet is inspired by the helmet of the Barbarian Crack Hack from the strategic computer game Heroes of Might and Magic. The helmet type is based on Norman helmets. The helmet bowl consists of two halves which are connected along the axis by means of cramp and rivets. As many fantasy helmets, is this one adorned by two cow horns on the top. The helmet of the hero Crack Hack had two additional thin long horns below which probably served as a face-protection. Since natural horns of such shape can be obtained with difficulty, we have made the from steel and guarantee that they will protect your face better than the natural horns. The back of the head is protected by two plates at the rear of the helmet. The dark patina on the surface provides an authentic and rustic look. More information...

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Barbarian Helm Crag Hack

This is a rare helmet that is produced exclusively to order and according to your size. Please a note your exact head circumference (measured over the forehead) into the comment of your order.

  • Inside textile lining
  • Leather strap under the chin
  • Material thickness 1.5mm (carbon steel - not stainless)
  • Weight approx. 3030 g
  • Dark patina on the surface (patina finish)

This helmet can be made to measure after your measurements ‘1a’ to ‘1j’ in this measurement chart.

Please read our instructions, how to determine a helmet size correctly.

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