Helmet with horns à la Viking, fake leather liner and chin strap

Did the Vikings really wear helmets with decorated horns? The answer is probably no. Even if they looked impressive in helmets like this, it would be impractical to say the least. But that shouldn't stop you from wearing this fantasy replica. This Viking helmet is made in the Spangenhelm style and comes with a pair of removable buffalo horns. More information...

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Helmet with horns à la Viking, fake leather liner and chin strap

  • From ear to ear 46cm
  • The horns are about 36cm apart
  • The horns themselves measure approx. 16cm in height
  • Inner width from ear to ear 20.5cm
  • Interior length from forehead to neck 22cm
  • Weight approx. 2 kg

The helmet is made of 1.2mm thick sheet iron. It has a reinforced bell rim and the surface of the iron sheet is polished. Each corner of the helmet has a corner in a metal ledge for a tighter fit. The corners are secured with screws so they can be removed.

There is an adjustable leather lining inside and an adjustable chin strap is used to secure it to the head. This helmet is ideal for film and theater productions and lovers of historical reconstructions of the Viking Age.

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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