Jousting Grand guard, 15. cen.

The jousting armour developed during the 15th century to an actual special form of plate armour. One of the most striking changes compared to the previous armours is a heavy helmet, fixed on the armour, the tapered shape of which should ensure that the blunt lance slips on the helmet. The jousting lance itself was provided with a tournament crown to prevent penetration into the Helmets slits. The Right hand was protected by a metal vamplate on the lance, the jousting armour had this no right gauntlet. More information...

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Jousting Grand guard, 15. century

This Jousting Grand guard (breastplate add-on, cuirass reinforcement) is hand-hammered from 2.0mm (14 gauge) steel plate. It includes just the darker part in our main picture, covering part of the cuirass, left pauldron and lower visor of the armet. Since the shape and fastening is always individual, it is made only when a suit of armour is ordered (or sent to us).

  • It is completely hand-made by a Czech armourer.

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