Medieval Rondel Pair 14th Century Knight's Protection


A rondel is a circular piece of metal used for protection, as part of a harness of plate armour, or attached to a helmet, breastplate, couter or on a gauntlet. More information...

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Medieval Rondel Pair 14th Century Knight's Protection

Rondels most commonly hang off breastplates and cover the armpit, which is a vulnerable point. They may have been used to steady the jousting lance. In this instance they are commonly known as besagews. They also appear on the back of a type of late medieval helmet known as the armet. Their purpose for this is unknown, though it has been surmised that they may protect strapping, or just be some sort of added protection. Rondels also appear uncommonly on the metacarpal part of some historical gauntlet designs, and appear in some period illustrations protecting the side of the head, and the point of the elbow (where a fan may normally be).

On this pair of rondels leather edges are riveted. In each rondel are two holes in the middle for fixing with leather cord.

  • Total diameter approx. 205/205mm
  • Diameter of the metal part approx. 182mm
  • Holes in Rondell have an inner diameter of approx. 6.38mm
  • Depth measured on the leather edge approx. 45mm
  • Made of mild steel sheet - material thickness of approx. 1.25mm
  • The delivery includes two leather cords

Weight approx. 784 g

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