Birka Loose Lamellar Plates

Birka Loose Lamellar Plates
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The”D” shape plates 1mm thick of the following size: 70/22mm; dimensioning and the shape of plates is done according to Birka pattern. Holes diameter 4mm. These loose lamellar plates come in packs of 100 or 20 and are ready to be used to build your own lamellar armor. They are crafted from 20 gauge steel. They are packed with preservative grease to prevent rust. Some dried grease may be on the plates but it can be easily buffed off. More information...

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Lamellar Plates: 100pcs plain steel
108 pcs
108 pcs
Lamellar Plates: 100pcs plain blackened
117 pcs
117 pcs
Lamellar Plates: 20pcs brass
3 pcs
3 pcs

Birka Loose Lamellar Plates, 100 or 20pcs

  • Dimensions approx. 71.8 x 22.6mm
  • Material thickness approx. 1mm
  • Inner diameter of the holes in the lamella approx. 4mm
  • Weight of 100 pieces lamellas approx. 1010g
  • Weight 20 pieces lamellas approx. 164 g

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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