20pcs lose steel scales, 22 gauge

If you want to make your own scale armor or just want to give extra protection to your Gambeson, you will need such scales. For a higher mechanical resistance, a line relief is pressed into each scale. For easy sewing or riveting 5 holes are punched in each scale. More information...

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20pcs lose steel scales, 22 gauge

The scales should be positioned so that they overlap. The opening pairs at the edges are arranged so that the scales can be sewn on each other with sufficient overlap.

Scale armor was used from the antiquity to the Middle Ages. The scale armor provides a better protection against stab blows than chainmail armor. In contrast, the chainmail armor offers better mobility. The kinetic energy of a blow against the scales is well distributed to the surrounding area. The design of the scale armor is designed better against arrow projectiles, than a chainmail armor. The relatively thin material thickness of 0,9mm is sufficient if we consider that the scales overlap.

  • Dimensions of one scale approx. 38.12 x 25.02mm
  • Material thickness from the sheet approx. 0.8mm
  • Diameter of the larger hole approx. 4mm
  • Diameter of smaller holes about 2.6mm
  • Weight of 20 shed about 110 g

Please note: Since the scales are only slightly oiled and untreated, slight corrosion may appear on some pieces. Any rust can easily be removed with cleaning rubber or cleaning wool. The finish is not polished. Slight scratches on the surface are common.

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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