Fudo whetstone grain 1000

This synthetic Fudo whetstone grain 1000 has an open-pore structure, a homogeneous particle deposition, and high sharpening performance. This whetstone is to be used only with water. You can sharpen wit it all kinds of knives, not only Japanese. More information...

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Fudo whetstone grain 1000

Dip the whetstone for 10-15 minutes in the water before use. Moisten it regularly during knife sharpening. Whetstones with grit up to 1000 are suitable for re-sharpening, grits over 3000 will smooth the sharp blade edge.


  • Delivery incl. non-slip rubber base.
  • 1000 grit
  • Dimensions 180 x 60mm
  • Whetstone height 30mm

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