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Holy Lance of Longinus, The Spear of Destiny

It's handmade replica Holy Lance of Longinus of blackened steel and brass. On the brass cover is engraved: „LANCEA ET CLAVUS DOMINI“ (THE LANCE AND NAIL).

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393,00 €
324,79 € excl. VAT

Holy Lance od Longinus, also called The Spear of Destiny, museum replica

  • 457 mm - overall length
  • 67 mm - overall width
  • 850 g - weight
  • made of brass and not hardened construction steel DIN USt37-2 | GOST St2kp (may get deformed in use)
  • blackened finish
  • manufactured in Czech Republic

The Holy Lance (also known as the Spear of Destiny, Holy Spear, Lance of Longinus, Spear of Longinus or Spear of Christ) is the name given to the lance that pierced Jesus' side as he hung on the cross in John's account of the Crucifixion. Further information to the Holy Lance.

The last of our illustrative pictures shows a copy of the Fresco by Fra Angelico, Dominican monastery at San Marco, Florence, showing the centurion Longinus piercing the side of Jesus on the cross with the holy lance (c. 1437–1446).

Please note: Originals of polearms often reached lengths of more than two meters (79 inches). This is more than the transport restriction allows. If you order this weapon replica with a wooden pole, it will be delivered in parts with a ca 198cm (78ichens) long wooden pole. You will have to assemble the parts yourself. All parts including rivets are included in the delivery. All needed pins to connect up the pieces including the metal strips that run down the shaft and the leather fringes are supplied.

Included in these categories: Lance tips and spearheads

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  • 2
    Conrado Maestro Martin

    It arrived to my country (Spain) quickly and in perfect condition. It's just marvellous: museum quality. The photos don't lie. It's the best I found through all the Internet. It's made of different pieces like the original in Vienna, not from a single mold like others. It's even better (closer to the original) than the one appeared in the movie "Constantine" or in some recreations in documentaries. In short, excellent. I recommend it.

  • 1

    Hallo, die heilige Lanze kam heute und ich bin damit sehr zufrieden. Vielen dank für die reibungslose Abwicklung und den schnellen Versand. Absolute Klasse, ein richtig schönes Stück. Großes Lob an den Erbauer der Lanze.... Danke und liebe Grüße, Jan

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  • 2
    Alenka Šeredová

    Nechápu proč děláte tak slavnou repliku z tak nedostupné ceny pro každého navíc ani nemá kalenou ocel nerozumím této obchodní strategii každý by si rád objednal ale za pomalu 6000 jste normální

  • 1
    Елена Викторовна

    Здравствуйте! Я из Украины, из Одессы. Давно интересуюсь этим копьем с целью приобрести для храма, могла бы заказать изготовление, но очень хотелось бы наиболее точную копию с оригинала. Ваше предложение очень понравилось, но огорчило, что товара сейчас нет в наличии. Как же можно было бы его заказать и получить? Тем более досадно, что указывается: при заказе Копья сегодня, 2.11.2020, то оно прибудет 18.12.2020, а 18 декабря - как раз мой день рождения! Как же можно его поскорей заказать и получить?...

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    Have you heard about a spear which according to the old legends gives its owner the power to dominate the world? And that a lot of decisive battles have been won by military leaders who possessed it? It is known by several different names – The Spear of Destiny, The Holy Lance, The Holy Spear or The Lance of Longinus. Longinus was a Roman soldier who stabbed Jesus Christ with his lance. Since that moment the lance had been held by many important statesmen through the world history.

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