Lance tips and spearheads

In this category you will find lance tips (blades) and spearheads, which you can buy separately to build one of these important throwing weapons yourself. A shaft can be simply obtained in a hardware store in your neighbourhood, otherwise it is usually difficult and expensive to ship.

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Lance tips and spearheads

The spear is a pole weapon intended for throwing. Its blade (tip or head) works like an arrow point. It may be shaped is a way so that you just cannot take it off as soon as it is stabbed, whether in the shield or the torso of the enemy.

The spear was one of the most important weapons of the Germanic tribes during the Migration Period. It was mainly used by the infantrymen.

The lance is very similar to the spear; but it is heavier. It is not intended for throwing. The lance replaced the spear approximately in the 9th century, when the cavalry took the lead role in the fight. The right to carry a lance was reserved only for the members of higher social classes, the royal succession and the commanders.

The blades / tips / heads of spears and lances were made of different materials. Their shape was also very different. Most of our replicas are forged from carbon steel, but it is not stainless. The tips are optionally dull (rounded) according to the safety regulations for publicly organized battles, or sharp for actual use (e.g., throwing on a target).

In addition to the lance and spearheads, our offer also includes lance or spear feet (sockets) that protect the shaft end and improve the balance of the weapon. Some blades / tips / heads are available with optional wooden shaft. You can get a complete throwing weapon on one place. You just have to put the tip on the shaft and fix it with one or more nails on the shaft.