Hybrid bow Limited Edition Queen 1 - Grey Goose

The hybrid bow Limited Edition Queen 1 is a strictly limited series of bows from the archery workshop of Bogensport Beier in Untersiemau and impresses with its harmonious combination of long and recurve bows. More information...

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Hybrid bow Limited Edition Queen 1 - Grey Goose

Strictly limited edition!

Due to the highly reflective limbs, the Queen 1 hybrid bow hurls arrows towards the target with the speed of a recurve bow.

As a result, the Queen 1 hybrid bow achieves high arrow speeds even with lower pulling weights and shines with its soft pull-out behavior.

The slim middle part makes it easy to handle.

This gem is available with a bow length of 60 inches, in a right-hand version. The draw weights are measured at a draw length of 28 inches.

The Queen 1 hybrid bow is equipped with an ergonomic pistol grip made of colored, laminated wood, which gives it an impressive grain.

  • The core laminate is made of carbonized bamboo, like almost all of the bows. Bamboo is light and flexible and has excellent throwing properties.
  • String: Fast Flight
  • The recommended stand height is 7 to 7 ½ inches.
  • Maximum draw length: 32 inches
  • The Queen 1 hybrid bow is delivered with the attached buffer string silencer in a matching pink color.

We also recommend that you buy a tension cord to avoid damaging the bow when tensioning and relaxing.

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