Longbow Long Tigris 68"

The Longbow Long Tigris is a real tiger among Longbows. Thanks to the uncompromising casting performance, the smooth ergonomics and the fabulous choice of materials. All of this makes the Long Tigris so unique among Longbows.  More information...

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Longbow Long Tigris

The middle part of our longbow Long Tigris consists of padouk combined with curly birch. Padouk is one of the most colourful and technically high quality woods.

The highlight of this Longbow is the wildly grained cocobolo with curly birch as a cover laminate, which creates a flaming transition. The cocobolo wood, also known as Rio rosewood, is a very interesting type of rosewood. The heartwood is orange-red to dark brown and streaked with black veins.

The material combination of the Longbow Long Tigris make it an absolute dream bow even for the most demanding archer.

In our Long Tigris, bamboo is glued in the core laminate, on it flames breathtakingly wildly grained cocobolo with curly birch.

The Longbow Long Tigris is without exception suitable for fast flight.

Here are all the technical data for the longbow Long Tigris:

  • Arch length: 68 inches
  • Middle section: Padouk with curly birch
  • Front overlay made of built-in arched wood or materials
  • Handle: Locator handle Limb
  • Limb core laminate: bamboo
  • Top laminate: wild grain cocobolo and curly birch
  • Execution: RH or LH
  • Draw weights: 20 to 55 lbs + - 2lbs
  • Stand Height: 7.00 to 7.50 inches
  • Maximum draw length: 31 inches
  • String: Fast Flight / Spectra suitable

The Longbow Long Tigris is carefully handcrafted by experienced bow makers according to the rules of traditional bow making. It is an outstanding example of what is possible in traditional bow making. This Longbow is professionally built by Bogensport Beier under the label “By Beier Germany”, the brand for the discerning archer. Archery Beier - this is where demanding archers who appreciate something special meet. longbow Long Tigris belongs to the series „Bows for Generations“ with a 30 year guarantee + 70 years goodwill, no other bow manufacturer can do that.

We manufacture our bows without exception at our location in Untersiemau - Made in Germany is an important concern for us! Well thought-out materials and quality-conscious processes paired with craftsmanship are our guarantors for extraordinary bows.

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