Hybrid Bow Kaya

The Kaya is a Hybrid Bow from the archery workshop of Bogensport Beier in Untersiemau. More information...

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Hybrid Bow Kaya

What distinguishes such a Hybrid Bow? It's the combination of a longbow and a recurve. He brings the speed of the recurve bow with the strongly reflexed limbs and with his small longbow middle part the filigree of the longbow.

Such a Hybrid Bow, like the Kaya, has high arrow speeds even with lower pulling weights and it also shines with its soft pull-out behavior.

For example, a Hybrid Bow Kaya with 35 lbs and an arrow weight of 285 grain reaches the remarkable arrow speed of 190 feet / sec.

The Kaya Hybrid Bow is just fun, it throws the arrows extremely quickly and cleanly. Of course, the Kaya comes from the archery shop in the company, namely at Archery Beier - Made in Germany.

This Hybrid Bow is available with a bow length of 60 inches, in both left and right hand versions. The pull weights start at 20 lbs (15 lbs on request) and go up in steps of 5 to 55 lbs. The Kaya Hybrid Bow is equipped with an ergonomic pistol grip made of ebony with decorative glueing. The Hybrid Bow Kaya shines with simple elegance.

Ebony is approx. 20% heavier than ash, for example, which results in an enormous smoothness of shooting. The ebony in connection with other materials in Hybrid Bow construction meets the highest demands. The ebony in the Hybrid Bow Kaya is characterized by extremely high abrasion and wear resistance as well as dimensional stability and breaking load.

The limbs are strong Deflex / Reflex, which ensure high arrow speeds. The core laminate is made of carbonized bamboo, like almost all arches from Bogensport Beier. Bamboo is light and flexible and has excellent throwing properties.

  • European maple veneer decorates the limbs under its clear glass laminate.
  • The tips are also made of micarta, which makes the Fast Flight bow suitable.
  • The recommended stand height is 7 to 7 ½ inches.
  • Maximum draw length: 32 inches
  • For an improved feel, the hybrid bow Kaya is coated with pearl varnish

We also recommend that you purchase a bow stringer for this Hybrid Bow so as not to damage the kaya while tensioning and relaxing.

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