Pauldrons Churburg


Pauldrons of this type is a part of a Milanese Armor used in Germany and Western Europe. It originated about the year 1430. More information...

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Pauldrons  Churburg

  • Fully wearable (re-enactment ready)
  • To be hung on a cuirass – upper edge equipped with a perforated leather flap
  • Suspension discs in one part with the shoulder plate, bent forward to avoid getting stuck with other lamellas
  • These spaulders cover the most part of upper arms
  • Made of 18 gauge iron plate (1,2-1,3mm)
  • Brushed satin finish in price included

This product can be made to measure after your measurements. Please submit us your measurements (2a-d, 2h-I and 3d) using the following measurement chart.

20-Nov 2014
Alan Paulsen
verified review
Great workmanship and incredible delivery time! Very. very happy with my purchase!

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