Steel pauldrons (pair) 16gauge

The pauldrons come without a steel gorget. Includes: 2 Pauldrons (Right and Left) More information...

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Steel pauldrons (pair) 16gauge

  • Handcrafted armour part
  • Material: 16 gauge carbon Steel
  • Made of approx. 1.6mm thick mild steel
  • The main shoulder plate is connected at the top to two other plates.
  • The forearms are made each 3 plates.
  • All boards / rails are riveted from inside to a leather strip
  • Total height of the pauldron approx. 28cm
  • Depth from front to back approx. 32mm
  • The edges are flanged/hemmed from inside
  • Metal buckle on the strap around the forearm
  • With the metal buckle at the top can be buckled to leather straps on a gorget
  • The rivet holes are oval. The pauldrons offer a good freedom of movent, provide a good mobility to the warrior.
  • Weight approx. 3542 g
  • Strap Material: Genuine Cow Leather

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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