Secret Helmet, Cervelliere


The cervelliere is a round, close-fitting steel skull cap. It was worn as a helmet during the medieval period. It was first introduced during the late 12th and was the primary head protection for Crusaders at that time and was worn either alone or over chainmail. By the late 13th century a great helm would usually be worn over a cervelliere. The back of the helmet grew longer over time and evolved into the bascinet. Cerveillieres were worn throughout the medieval period and even during the Renaissance. Cheap and easy to produce, they were much used by commoners and non-professional soldiers who could not afford more advanced protection. More information...

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Close-fitting iron skull cap known as a cervelliere

  • Made from 1.3 - 2.0mm gauge steel halves that are welded together.
  • The helmet is equipped with textile or leather inlay according to your option.
  • The secret helmet comes with a chin strap with metal buckle.

This helmet can be made to measure after your measurements ‘1a’ to ‘1j’ in this measurement chart.

Please read our instructions, how to determine a helmet size correctly.

25-Jul 2023
Jan Myšák
verified review
Maximální spokojenost, ideální (nejen) pro 13. století! Přilbu jsem objednal na zakázku - 2mm matný plech, bez vývazu / vycpávky a bez řemení pod bradu (dělám si sám) - a musím říct, že naprostá paráda. Do obchodu jsem zaslal model svojí hlavy a batvat pro co nejlepší fit a to se přesně povedlo. Přilba sedí krásně jak na čapce samotné, tak i s kroužky pod ní. Vrchlík je kulatý / oblý, což vytváří přesně tu správnou siluetu. Svár je zevnitř skoro až neviditelný, po obvodu hrany je přilba zbroušená a spolu se značkou výrobce na vnější straně (o kterou jsem zažádal) tvoří originální detail.
30-Aug 2021
Kristjan Runarsson
verified review
This exceeded my expectations. I bought the 64cm round and 2mm thick version which fits my 59cm head well once the original lining has been removed and replaced with a wool padded liner. The helmet is actually a lot more oval and skull-shaped than it looks like in the photos. The rim of the helmet covers the tip of my ears so you can modify it with ear cutouts if you want. This helmet can be modified into any of a number of Landsknecht skull caps with a minimum of effort by the addition of steel scales on the chin strap or even a segment neck guard.

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