Flat-topped Crusader Helm, 13th century

An invincible knightly sword stays firmly held in your mail-clad fist, and your banner float in the wind while your squire buckles your sturdy 13th Century Crusader Knight helm for battle. The punched faceplate makes ventilation easy while fighting your foe and protects you from arrows raining on you and your fellow knights, awaiting the order to charge! More information...

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Flat-topped Crusader Helm, 13th century

  • Material: unhardened mild steel
  • Sheet thickness: Gauge 16 / 1.519mm
  • Inner circumference approx. 68cm
  • Polished finish

By the 12th century, knights quickly realized that with the new couched lance technique becoming more widespread, having additional protection for the face was a must, as most lance strikes passing above the shield would instantly kill a knight wearing the old style of nasal helmet. At first, they added a faceplate to offer additional protection from all attacks coming from the front, proving remarkably efficient against enemy archers and mounted opponents. (Later on, more plates were added to cover the back of the neck and fully enclose the head: the pot helm/great helm was born. But that’s another story.)

It is skillfully HANDMADE from sturdy 16 gauge MILD STEEL and comes with a reinforced faceplate just like its historical counterpart. Working as a shock absorber, its PADDED LINER makes it more comfortable to don and ensures that your eyes will always be at the right height to face the eyes slit. Directly inspired by an original seal from the British Museum, we have taken the liberty to slightly modify its ventilation holes to make it the perfect crusader helm! A circumference of approx. 68cm makes it fit almost all head sizes.

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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