Langeid Battle Axe Head, 11cen


Based on a find of a Viking battle axe at Langeid in the Setesdal valley (Southern Norway), found in 2011. Dating: Second Quarter of the 11th century. A battle axe for a two-handed use. More information...

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Langeid Battle Axe Head, 11th century

  • Wooden shaft with brass haft banding not included
  • Recommended length of the wooden shaft approx. 110cm
  • Width approx. 205mm
  • The cutting edge is about 26cm long
  • Shaft hole approx. 30 * 24mm
  • Made of carbon steel (not stainless)
  • For decorative use only, not a practical replica!

Made by Marshal Historical

Steel thickness may vary as a consequence of the handcrafted way of manufacturing. Its finish is not painted and may be rusty. This is natural quality of this re-enactment-prop that is not a reclaim issue.

Important NOTE

The material used (carbon steel) and the craftsmanship (grinding and welding) would allow the practical use of this Langeid ax in historical re-enactment, theatrical combat shows etc. However, the Pakistani manufacturer is not willing to remedy any complaints from such a far distance. That's why we can sell this ax head only as decoration. Whatever you do with the ax head, it is at your own risk and responsibility. We sell it only as a decorative item without any possibility to reclaim defects incurred in practical use.

10-Sep 2021
Pavel Zuber
verified review
Povedená replika, tvarově i váhově odpovídající originálu (nebo aspoň tomu, co jsem se o něm dočetl). Na sekeře je trochu poznat, že povrch byl upraven elektrickým nářadím, naopak otvor pro topůrko mohl vbýt lépe vyčištěný. Perfekcionista (já) na ní ještě asi odvede kus práce. Za uvedenou cenu je to ale dobrý kousek a jsem spokojen.

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