Pole axe (bardiche)

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Item number: 692

Pole axe (bardiche)

  • Hand forged carbon steel (not stainless)
  • Overall length approx. 170cm (78")
  • Axe app approx. 20x48cm
  • Axe thickness 5mm

The price includes a wooden pole.

26-Apr 2023
Benedict Romuald Pucilowski
verified review
Accurate to the photos, even better looking in person. The haft of this weapon is very smoothly oval shaped, good for finding edge alignment. The thickness behind the bevel is lean, it's actually quite graceful and nimble. Holes are nice and die-punched. It'll swing like a leaf on the wind. Great stuff from Rudolph. The flat, even thickness behind the bevel would make the blunted version a breeze to sharpen if the need arose. Mine will stay blunt for use in sport. The proportions, weight, and trimming of this weapon make it extremely well balanced for an axe getting into polearm territory.

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