Crusader Axe Bernhard 1150

The axe is one of man's oldest tools. Axes of stone, bronze, iron and finally steel were also used as a a weapon. Axes belonged to favourite weapons particularly  during the Crusades. Richard the Lionheart favoured it, as did many men-at-arms, knights and peasants. Except for the large Danish axe, the full fledged battle axe had yet to appear. Most axes were used both to hew the limbs of trees as well as the limbs of enemies. This axe is replicated from a photo of an old axe that was dated to about 1150, but no information was given as to source or location. Blade is tempered high carbon steel with hardwood shaft. More information...

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Crusader Axe Bernhard 1150

  • Shaft length approx. 918mm
  • The shaft has a constant profile along the entire length: approximately 31.8 * 31.8mm
  • The ground cross in the ax blade measures approx. 20.2 * 20.5mm
  • The cross arms are at the beginning approx. 6.08 and at the end of approx. 7.4mm wide
  • The ax blade is approx. 4.7mm thick
  • The cutting edge is approx. 1.0-1.5mm thick
  • Overall dimensions of the metal part approx. 250 * 159mm
  • The ax head is secured in the handle with a throughout metal pin
  • The balance (POB) lies approx. 15cm from the metal axe shoulder
  • Weight approx. 1730 g

Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.

Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®

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