Pauldrons, year 1460


This style of pauldrons corresponds with the time from end of 14th to middle of 15th century. Upper leather strap and two extra holes at the upper border let you attach or fix the pauldrons onto almost any arming garment like gorget or gambeson. More information...

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Pauldrons, year 1460


  • Gauge of plate 16 / 1,2/1,6mm
  • Made out of carbon steel plate (not stainless)
  • Made by Marshal Historical
3-Nov 2019
Aaron F.
verified review
This is a very good product for its price. I have used these pauldrons for four years now! I'm in the SCA, and do a little HEMA. It does dent easily due to it being made of 16 gauge mild steel, but it is very easy to fix. I recommend this to anyone starting to collect armor.

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