Half Rerebrace and vambrace, 14th/15th cen. arm harness


An arm protections like this was used in early 15th century (Transitional Period) of armors. It is based on several brass gravestone reliefs, they are equpped with round wings and can be combined with chainmail and mittens, as it was usual at the beginning of the 15th century. This is quite a versatile arm protection offering a wide range outfit combinantions. More information...

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Half Rerebrace and vambrace, 14th/15th cen. arm harness - practical


  • Made from 1,6mm thick rusting steel plate.
  • The actual gauge of plate may vary due to the handcrafted way of production.
  • Total length 47cm
  • Rerebrace - upper plate - width approx. 16cm
  • Width of the forearm plate (vambrace) at the wrist about 10cm
  • Total weight approx. 3.35 kg

Made by Marshal Historical

8-Mar 2022
Frederic Michel Mas
verified review
Je vient de les recevoir, vraiment très satisfait, elles sont vraiment très bien de bonne épaisseur, le rendu sur les photos n'est pas comparable à la réalité, elles sont mieux. Elles était bien graisseuses à leur arriver, pas de risque quelles rouille durant l'envoie.... Pour ma part je compléterais mes achats d'armures sur le site.

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