Archery Arm Bracer; 1 piece

This simple Archery Arm Bracer  serves as protection of the sensitive part of the forearm against the whipping of a released bowstring. The simple and stylish character of this product is a challenge for every collector. 1.5-3.0mm thick dyed cowhide, which is used to produce this guard, is very popular with archers. The bracer is reinforced in the place of lacing. This will secure that the part of the material exposed to the highest strain will not tear. Simple lacing is used to attach the Archery Arm Bracer to the forearm. More information...

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Colour: black, Side: right
4 Pcs/Pairs
4 Pcs/Pairs
Colour: natural, Side: right
3 Pcs/Pairs
3 Pcs/Pairs

Archery Arm Bracer; 1 piece

  • The leather vambrace length is 23cm. 

The Archery Arm Bracer is available in three colours. Right-handers need a guard for the left arms, left-handers for the right one. Many customers buy them for both arms at the same time.

Please note: This product is made by hand from genuine leather. This is a purely natural material. Minor differences in the colour and surface texture are its natural characteristics. These small imperfections do not decrease the value of the product. Each piece is to some extent an original.

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