Leather Arm Bracers

Leather arm bracers protect the forearms and are either laced or fastened to the forearm by means of straps and straps. They are made especially of leather, since leather has several advantages over steel. It is easier to process and to form, is lighter, does not corrode and is easier to store.

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Leather Arm Bracers

But leather arm bracers are for more than just protecting your arms. Originally, leather bracers were designed to protect the forearm and part of the wrist, and that function lives on today in many of these arm bracers, making them a perfect accessory to add to your attire when you are practicing swordplay or entering into a battle of any sort, whether it is SCA reenactment or casual LARP fighting.

We offer a variety of styles for a variety of looks, ranging from Celtic bracers to heraldic stamped bracers. All of our leather arm and wrist bracers are crafted from quality leather. The most of our bracers and wrist cuffs are also sold as a pair, unless otherwise noted in their individual descriptions. If you want a good bit of arm protection that will also serve you well on the field of battle, then you have come to the right place, because Outfit4Events is happy to provide you with a good, solid pair of leather arm bracers and wrist bracers that will not only keep your forearms protected, but also enhance your look quite a bit, too.