Closed Gorget with foldable Bevor

This closed gorget with Bevor consists of 1.2mm thick steel. The front part of the gorget is attached to the back part on the left by a rivet. On the right side, the gorget is fastened with a mushroom- head-rivet-notch. The upper folding part of the bevor is secured in the upper position by a telescopic pin, which is attached to a spring on the right side. This pin must be pressed before folding down. More information...

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Gauge of plate: 1.6mm Gauge 16, Finish: black-finish, may get scratched during use!
2 pcs
2 pcs
Gauge of plate: 1.6mm Gauge 16, Finish: brushed, matt finish
26 pcs
26 pcs
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Closed Gorget with foldable Bevor

  • The Gorget with Bevor is made of 1.2 or 1.6 mm thick mild steel.

  • Material thickness 16 g (1.6 mm) or 18 g (1.2 mm)

  • Diameter of the opening front to back approx. 15cm
  • Diameter of the opening from side to side approx. 12cm
  • Length of the front collar from the neck to the tip below approx. 13.5cm
  • Height at the front measured from the neckline downward approx. 16cm
  • Push-button-lock at the right side – by pushing it the upper lame of the bevor folds, so that is is jucht only approx. 14cm high
  • Total height when folded 21cm
  • The stand-up collar at the back is about 3.5cm high
  • Length from the neck to the back edge approx. 10.5cm
  • Overall width approx. 25.5cm
  • 2 leather straps are riveted to the rear part of the gorget
  • Closing by a notch on the right side
  • Weight approx. 1848 g

This Gorget with Bevor is a perfect match for a sallet from the second quarter of the 15th century until the Renaissance, when the closed helmet was introduced.

Two leather straps are riveted to the back plate. Pauldrons or the whole arms can be attached to the gorget with these leather straps. The inside of this armor is traditionally sprayed black against corrosion.

When closed, the gorget has an inner circumference of about 45cm

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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