Curved boning knife 312-NH-13

The curved boning knife 312-NH-13 is intended for both professionals and those who work with meat only occasionally. More information...

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Curved boning knife 312-NH-13

Usage: thanks to higher flexibility and cutting ability designed for easier boning of meat, especially in the area of joints and pelvis and separation from long bones.

The quality blade with the Mikov logo is made of high-quality stainless steel 1.4116 (440A) with a hardness of 55 - 58 HRc with high lumber and abrasion resistance, proven for the production of butcher and kitchen knives. It is set in a plastic handle, whose ergonomics allow a safe and comfortable grip with all fingers.

The knife is certified for contact with food according to European Union standards.

Each production batch-batch is provided with a specific ID to monitor the high quality of production.

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