Longbow Creek 70 inch

Creek is a real exception longbow! Not only its high shoot capacity and absolutely ergonomic pull-out behaviour, but also its design and the special material selection make this longbow to a longbow of superior class. Such a longbow you will rarely see! The centre piece of this longbow Creek is made of wood louro faia, also known as pearl wood, is distinguished by its decorative and striking wood grain, which is absolutely unique. In addition, the middle section of the longbow is equipped with a light hardwood gluing and decorative laminate. More information...

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Longbow Creek 70 inch

Longbow Creek with a bow length of 70 inch and the extraordinary material combination is the first choice for archers who appreciate individuality and make their choice far from the standard. Of course, our bow manufactures use bamboo in the core laminate of the exception longbow Creek and use for top layer laminate pacific pepper yew that completes the design of this longbow.

This bow is without exception suitable for Fast Flight and is delivered with a whisper string.

Technical Data – Exception Longbow Creek

  • Bow length: 70 inch
  • Centre piece: Louro Faia, also known as pearl wood with light hardwood gluing
  • Front overlay made of lumbers or materials
  • Grip: locator grip
  • Limbs: core laminate bamboo
  • Top layer laminate: pacific pepper yew of high quality
  • Version: right or left hander
  • Standing height: 7 - 7.5 inch
  • Draw weights: 20 - 55 lbs +- 2lbs
  • Maximum draw length: 32 inch
  • String: suitable for Fast Flight / Spectra
  • net weight ca. 750 grams

This exceptional longbow is a valuable piece, which represents the high quality of workmanship by the bow manufacture By Beier Germany. BY BEIER GERMANY is the brand by Archery Beier and based in Untersiemau. This is a place where archers meet each other.

The exceptional Longbow Creek belongs to the series „Bows for Generation“ with 100 years warranty, there is no other bow manufacturer who guarantees this.

We produce our longbows without exception at our location in Untersiemau- Made in Germany is an important concern for us! Thought-proof materials and quality-conscious processes combined with craftsmanship are our guaranties for extraordinary bows.

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