Viking sword Baldur

This classic Viking sword is dedicated to Baldur, son of Odin and Frigga. He was considered the most peaceful Asian god, admired by all beings for his beauty and mercy. Through an intrigue of the envious Loki, the actually invulnerable Baldur found his death and Ragnarök announced himself. More information...

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Viking sword Baldur

Please note: This is just an ornamental item, not intended for real use!

The Viking sword features a fullered 1065 carbon steel blade with a runic inscription that translates to Baldur. The wooden handle is covered with black leather and decorated with characters, the three laser-engraved runes represent the personality and values of the Nordic god in a special way: courage, protection and strength. Guard and pommel are made of steel.

The Baldur Viking Sword comes with a black suede scabbard with brown leather straps and an integrated belt. Since Baldur was known as a radiant light and brought joy to all creatures with his company, sun symbols were incorporated. Please note: To protect the blade from rust, you need gun oil, which you can get in our sword care and accessories category.

Specifications of the Baldur Viking Sword:

  • Blade material: 1065 carbon steel
  • Total length: 95cm
  • Blade length: 79cm
  • Blade width at guard: 5.3cm
  • Blade Hardness: 45-50HRC
  • Handle: 10.5cm, with pommel 14.5cm
  • Weight (without scabbard): 1.26 kg
  • Cutting edge: sharp
  • Type: real battle sword

A premium-quality product made by Windlass Steelcrafts®

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