River Witham Viking sword, museum replic, class B


This is a museum replica of a Viking or Saxon sword found in the River Witham at Monks Abbey in England. The original is kept in the British Museum in London. It is a custom-made masterpiece of a Czech blacksmith. More information...

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The wide blade fuller is engraved

  1. from one side with “+LEUTRIT” (the second letter T is upside down)
  2. from the second side wish a styled S-shaped sign.

Sword class B

  • The pommel and guard are inlaid with copper checked motives. The handle is made of hard wooden.
  • The blade-tang is covered with hardwood and forms a firm grip
  • The blade is hand forged from spring steel and is hardened
  • The blade has a sharp edge and is therefore not suitable for (stage) sword combats!

Technical specifications of the sword

  • 91.5cm - Total length
  • 77.5cm - Blade length
  • 12cm - length of the guard
  • 12cm - POB, measured off the guard
  • 59 * 5mm - blade section at the guard
  • 33 * 4.5mm – blade section 10cm from the tip
  • 1458 g - weight of the photographed sword
  • Blade of spring steel W.Nr. 1.7102 (DIN 54SiCr6) quenched to a hardness of approx. 53 HRC

Made in the Czech Republic.

Please read our: Directions for the use of bladed weapons.

16-Dec 2020
petr spáčil
verified review
Historicky i řemeslně perfektní. Krásná práce.

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