Baldric with 2 loops for Greek or Roman Swords

This brown leather sword baldric is made of thick leather and is suitable to carry many different types of swords that have rings on the scabbard. Many swords including most Greek and Roman swords have scabbard rings. 
The brass screw rivets on this baldric allow it to attach to the sword scabbard rings, and the brass buckle at the shoulder allows for an adjustable fit. This sword baldric is suitable for wearing on both left and right side. More information...

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Baldric with 2 loops for Greek or Roman Swords

The angle the sword will hang depends on the placement of rings on the scabbard and will work for swords that will hang either vertically or even at a nearly horizontal angle.

  • Total length approx. 198cm
  • Holes are punched in a way that the baldric can be shortened by 12.5cm
  • The belt is approx. 22mm wide and approx. 3.6mm thick
  • Size of the brass buckle approx. 47.45 x 36.3mm
  • The end loops are closed by saddler screws
  • Weight approx. 172g

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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