Long Viking Belt Strap End - 18mm wide

Making a belt from scratch or adding a finishing touch to one you already have? This long, decorative brass strap end is suitable for belts between 18-20mm wide. Made from solid brass the fitting is approximately 9.6cm in length and 1.8cm in width. This buckle is most suitable for early middle ages / Viking / Rus era belts. More information...

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Long Viking Belt Strap End - 18mm wide

This strap end comes with washers and small rivets that you insert into the holes in the strap end through the leather belt. You will then need to peen the rivets down on the back side of the belt. We recommend that you place the buckle on a hard surface when doing this so that when the hammer strikes the rivet your working surface is not damaged. If you are not comfortable holding the buckle and peening the rivets, hold it in place with a clamp. To avoid scratching your strap end use a plastic clamp or a clamp with a protective disk.

  • Overall dimensions approx. 92.1 x 18mm
  • Material thickness approx. 2.14mm
  • The two rivet holes have a diameter of approx. 2.75mm
  • Weight approx. 20 g

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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