Viking Borre-style buckle with chape and strap end knot pattern

The Borre-style belt buckle is modeled after one from Birka grave no.949. A very similar buckle was found in Lithuania called the Uzpelkiai buckle. The buckle plate has little half-round plates with which it is to attach the buckle to the leather belt. The leather belt can be cut down to the size of the metal plate and then additionally stitched or riveted to the brass plate to secure that it will hold for many years. More information...

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Viking Borre-style buckle with chape and strap end knot pattern

  • Total length 78mm
  • Width 29mm
  • Maximum inner width 20.7mm
  • Prong length 37mm
  • There are 4 eyelets on the buckle that pierce the skin
  • Thickness of the second part of the buckle without hole 1.7mm
  • The inner hole has a diameter of 2.5mm
  • The strap end is 67mm long and 18mm wide
  • In the end he pounds on his belt
  • 4 needles 14mm long and 1.8mm in diameter protrude from the bottom
  • There are reliefs of Viking patterns on it
  • Weight of both parts 40 g

Quality hand cast from brass.

The belt-end has spikes on the other hand. Please make holes into your leather belt, stick the spikes through the belt and hammer them carefully to the side (authentic way of riveting). Please bend / rivet / twist the spikes gradually using not too much force – brass is not a plastic metal and the spikes could break off.

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