Decorative 1860 Light Cavalry Saber

The Model 1860 Light Cavalry Saber (also known as the M1862) was used by US cavalry from the American Civil War until the end of the Indian wars; some were still in use during the Spanish–American War. It comes with steel scabbard. More information...

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Decorative 1860 Light Cavalry Saber

  • Total length approx. 976mm
  • Blade length approx. 820mm
  • Handle length approx. 110mm
  • The handle is wrapped in leather and wrapped with twisted brass wire
  • Cross-section of the blade on the handle approx. 31.6 x 4.6mm
  • Cross section of the blade 10cm off the blade point: approximately 22.65 x 4.2mm
  • The two-sided grind starts approx. 14cm off the blade point
  • Thickness of the striking edge approx. 1mm
  • The POB is approx. 21cm from the hilt
  • Weight of saber approx. 924 g
  • Weight of the metal sheath approx. 590 g
  • Please note: This is a decorative replica that is not designed for practical use (in combat e.g.).

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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